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Project: Community DrinkingWater Project

About Sosurwo Fonds Foundation:

Sosurwo Fonds Foundation is a registered Non-Governmental organisation in The Netherlands and is registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Kenya. The NGO is with express purpose of promoting Education and community development. Sosurwo Fonds works in partnership with community members of Marakwet East area of Elgeyo/Marakwet County KENYA.

Project Profile

Title of Project Proposal:

Improving Access to Clean drinking Water for Marakwet East Community

Country of Implementation:



Community Network to improve Quality of Life

Project Duration of Project

6 months

Project Details

Marakwet East is a rural community with estimated population of 97. 000 suffers from a lack of clean water supply. The community has undergone unheard human miseries due to constant droughts and unreliable rainfalls. Observation indicates that the primary schools within the area were closed between August 2019 to March 2020 due to lack of water. But also, now because of COVID19. Most of the rivers in the area are seasonal, an indication that there is no constant water supply. The community relies on water from a streaming river, where they make farrows to reach their homes.

The farrows run dry if droughts persist and it is used by both human and livestock of the community. Thus, people are generally suffering from water-borne diseases since the cleanliness of such waters is not assured. Drilling water and building a water tank and distributing the water to a communal water point, the community will be saved from these diseases related to water. Their lives will improve drastically.

Population of Marakwet East Constituency



Nr. householders

Household per village

Kapyego ward



7 villages 364 = 1 village 366

Sambirir ward



7 villages 698 = 1 village701

Endo ward



8 villages =547 huishouden

Embobut/Embolot ward



7 villages =366 = 2 villages 365

Project Idea:

The project idea is to improve access to clean water for rural community at Kasige and Kapsogom village through drilling a bore hole and building a water tank reservoir to store the water and thereafter transport the water by pipes to communal tap points in these 2 villages. Our CBO/Community Network that will ensure full participation of community at different stages of the project. The local CBO Organization will hire a local resident engineer to build the reservoir and the water tap points and connect the pipes to the villages. The CBO it will also locally coordinate the entire project while seeking technical advice from the experts from the County level.

Project Implementation and Planning:

Step I: Preparation – SOSURWO Fonds will facilitate the formation of project water use committee that shall be composed of the project manager, program coordinator, community mobilizer, project financial manager and project evaluator. The project committee will make necessary plans for initialization of the project and at the site. (1 month)

Step II: community mobilization – SOSURWO Fonds officials will spearhead the mobilization of community members of Kasige and Kapsogom village situated at Endo Ward. This will be realized through involvement of the community elders, local assistant chief, school head teachers, school chairman, area educational officer and First Church of Nazarene Pastor. (1 month)

Step III: Ongoing operations- preparation of tender invitations from interested and eligible firms to sink boreholes and supply water pumps and other relevant materials. Making agreement with the local engineer and start the building the reservoir and laying the pipes to the Community tap points, monitoring of project activities. (2 months)

Step IV: Evaluation – summative evaluation of the project to find out whether the objectives were met and sending Report to the donor. (2 months)

Piloting: We have already done phase 1 and 2 of this project. We are now going implement phase 3 and therefore ready to take the project on the next level. There will be no need for piloting.


Phase 1 = Black


Phase 2 = Green Phase 3B = Red

Innovation: Gravity flow system AND Boreholes

The project idea taken we are implementing is original and we have already done phase 1 and 2 in this area of Marakwet East. We do the boreholes and transport the water with gravity flow system is proved to be cheaper than those which use electricity or wind (report by Plan International, 1992). Bearing in mind that only 0.7% of Kenyan rural population that use electricity, it is only right and fitting to employ simple ways of pumping water in rural areas. As such, Sosurwo Fonds water project will employ gravity flow system, which is economical and sustainable.

However, the project idea is innovative on the following grounds: Beneficiary group: The inhabitants of Marakwet East village have had share of miseries. They are victims of long dry spells; they keep on wandering looking for water and greener pastures for their livestock especially when the river is flooding.

Geographic area: Marakwet East Constituency lies in a remote district of Elgeyo/Marakwet County in Rift Valley province of Kenya. It is an area that is characterised by constant droughts, because the lack of rain and when it rains rivers sometimes floods and this renders them helpless.

Community Participation:

SOSURWO Fonds will involve the community participation in the following ways:

♦ Contribution of land where the pipes and the communal tap points will be built

♦ Clearing the project site and digging site for the water reservoir and the community tap points

♦ Educating the community members on safe use of water

♦ Enhancing and establishing Water use Committee (WUC that will ensure the sustainability of the project


The benefits of the project lie not only in providing clean water to Kasige and Kapsogom villagers but also in the following:

♦ Improving the villagers’ health standards through provision of clean water

♦ Providing water for livestock

Improving nutrition. The villagers will be able to practice horticulture farming using water from the River after the drinking water is secured for drinking. The water will be used to grow vegetables that can be used to substitute their diet which is predominantly meat.

Improvement of environment: the water is also intended to be used in watering tree nursery that is meant to provide the villagers with trees. The area which is a semi desert shall have a new look!

♦ The project will also serve as a prototype to be replicated in other neighbouring villages and districts


SOSURWO Fonds with the help of a group of evaluators will form focus groups from Kasige and Kapsogom villages who will be used to find out whether the project has been able to serve their need of getting clean water. This will be analysed qualitatively. A survey to establish the extent to which people of Kasige and Kapsogom villages have been able to access clean water will also be conducted. The data collected shall be analysed quantitatively. Sosurwo Fonds will give report to relevant bodies. Strategic plan shall be drawn depending on the recommendations given in the report.

SOSURWO FONDS expects to reach about 10,000 both human and animal community within a period of 1 year. This number is expected to triple within a period of 2 years. Thus, there is already a foreseen need that the community might need more sources of clean water.


The sustainability of Kasige and Kapsogom water project is based on the following:

Contribution from the community members. – SOSURWO Fonds will mobilize the community to form a committee that will oversee the overall running of the project. This committee will also be responsible for collecting membership and regular fee from the community members.

Horticulture farming: SOSURWO Fonds in partnership with school management and the Church of Nazarene will train the community on horticulture farming. Money raised from the contributions will help in the maintenance of the project.

Afforestation program: SOSURWO Fonds will initiate a tree seedlings nursery. The community will be supplied with these trees at a fee. The money raised will help in sustaining the project.

♦ A fee charged from the villagers who use the community tap point for drinking and washing their clothes.

Public and private partnership: SOSURWO Fonds in partnership with both public and private sectors as well as the County Government, will generate resources to sustain the project.

Local partnership: SOSURWO Fonds in partnership with the local partners (school and Churches) will manage relationships with the government, educate local communities and enlist the support of community leaders.


SOSURWO Fonds intends to scale up the project idea to the whole entire vast Marakwet East community, if the following conditions exist:

Funding: If SOSURWO Fonds is funded by either local or international organisations, it will be able to initiate other similar projects in the neighbouring communities.

Government support: Eventual support from the government ministry of water and natural resources to SOSURWO Fonds similar projects will be initiated. But mostly the Government says they have no money. That is most the reason why the community is poor, and no projects are put. The Government takes too long to support or approve any funding, if at all there is money.



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